Meeting on 3rd May 2022

Following confirmation of the minutes of our last regular meeting, the lodge received an excellent talk from W Bro Graham Larke entitled 'Abide With Me'.

The lodge was then called off and three members of the presentation team prepared the setting for the demonstration of a Lodge of Sorrow. This was not the usual demonstration presented in England but an American version as convened at annual or semi-annual convocations of Grand Lodges working in the USA. It was entitled ‘Roses and Evergreen - An Aspect of American Freemasonry’. 

This poignant presentation was delivered in virtual darkness being illuminated by only three candles and was a very powerful production, being related to the passing of brethren to the Grand Lodge above.

The lodge was then called on and the remainder of the lodge business carried out before the brethren retired to the bar for a drink, followed by another excellent meal at the festive board.