Meeting on 1st February 2022

At this meeting, the Lodge Demonstration Team was due to deliver a presentation entitled 'Roses and Evergreen - an Aspect of American Freemasonry'. Unfortunately it had to be abandoned due to illness and will take place at the May 2022 meeting. In its place, and at short notice, W. Bro. Gerald Reilly delivered a very interesting and thought provoking presentation entitled 'Pure Antient masonry consists of .... and no more!' Gerald has a global following on The Square and is a champion for the Royal Arch in Essex. Superbly presented, we were taken on a journey through the three degrees to the Royal Arch whilst learning about steps, technical craftsmanship, science, artificial intelligence, polished diamonds, governance and the rewards of sojourners on the way.

We also received a joining member, W. Bro. Joe Curtis, a Past Provincial Grand Steward. Joe is the Deputy Provincial Grand Membership Officer working with Ray Quiddington, the Provincial Grand Membership Officer. Joe also has an active role in the TLC Appeal and coordinates all the centre and hospital representatives across Essex. A very warm welcome was given by our Worshipful Master, W Bro Ian Simpson, a founder of TLC.

Following the meeting the brethren enjoyed another fine meal in a convivial atmosphere at the festive board.

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