Join Us

When Essex Freemasons read of the formation of a new lodge in their Team Brief, it raised their interest because something different was happening in Essex.

Those who applied for more information were informed that “Membership will be restricted to Brethren who declare that they are interested in increasing their masonic knowledge and want to share that knowledge with other members of the fraternity”.

For many, this described exactly how they were feeling about their Freemasonry, how they wanted to increase their masonic knowledge and how they could share that knowledge with the members of their own lodges. The participation in a forum providing practical support from experienced members made the concept of this new lodge very attractive.

If you are a master mason and this is something that appeals to you, please contact the secretary who will be happy to provide more information and introduce you to members of the lodge.

We will meet at the Chelmsford Masonic Hall at 5:30pm on the first Tuesday in October (Installation), February and May. The joining fee is £25 and our annual dues are £200 which includes a meal at the festive board after each meeting.