First Installation Meeting

The lodge's first meeting took place on the 1st October 2019 when W Bro Alan Everard was proclaimed Master for the ensuing year.

Once the lodge was opened there was a report and W Bro Neil March, Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, entered and announced that W Bro Charles Elliott, our APGM, was outside the door of the lodge and requested admission. A procession of Grand and Provincial Grand Officers was formed to escort him into the lodge where he was greeted by the Worshipful Master.

Following a ballot, W Bro Lee Taylor was made an honorary member and thanked the members for accepting him into the lodge.

The Worshipful Master thanked those officers who were to continue in office for the ensuing year and also appointed and invested W Bros David West and Martin Cook as Charity Steward and Organist respectively.

The lodge was then treated to an oration entitled "The Royal Arch and the Third Degree" from the Worshipful Master, which was very well received.

The remaining lodge business was completed and the brethren retired to the bar for a drink before dinner. The festive board was a very pleasant occasion and the Master's Song was delivered by our Chaplain, the Rev Martin Howse, in a very competent manner indeed.


A few photos taken at the festive board during the singing of the Master's Song.

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