About the lodge of daily advancement

Our Objectives are to:

Assist in the research and promote the development of Masonic knowledge.
Provide speakers, entertainments and demonstration teams to encourage brethren to explore and embrace the history of Freemasonry.
Deliver masonic presentations.
Support the Freemasons of Essex by providing a lodge which can meet their specific learning and development needs.
Assist older freemasons and encourage them to educate new freemasons in the history of Freemasonry.
Seek new ways to raise additional charitable funds.

Number of Meetings:

The Lodge meets 3 times a year. Once for the Installation of the Master and twice for the presentation of items relating to Masonic research and/or Masonic demonstrations.


Meetings are planned in advance. There is a research team and a demonstration team, each headed by a team leader responsible for the content to be delivered at the meetings.

Each newly installed Master  delivers a short researched item of interest at his Installation. He (with the assistance of the Secretary, team leaders and prime officers) ensures that the programme of events for his year of office is properly organised. He also motivates and encourages the lodge members to deliver their own masonic papers and demonstrations.

Generally, there is no more than one talk or demonstration at any meeting with all such presentations normally being delivered only by members of the lodge.

Discussions are conducted in a "Masonic" manner.

When talks are to be given it is normal that a summary is made available to members with the Summons where possible so that comments can be submitted and answers prepared by the orator prior to the meeting.

Initially the Master comments on any talk, presentation or demonstration, followed by the two Wardens. Discussion is then open to the floor and the Master controls the extent of the discussion. Written comment is encouraged from members and guests following each meeting so that further objective information can be gathered for future use.

Talks and Demonstrations:

Orations shall be original in the sense that they should be based on personal experience, drawn from research and/or at least gleaned from secondary sources. Talks and lectures should only be read if written by the presenter. The reading of talks or lectures written by other Masonic authorities is not permitted although reference to them may be made.

Demonstrations and performances of ritual from history or other Masonic jurisdictions and events deemed to be of interest to the Brethren are always considered. In this case, due deliberation with the appropriate Masonic authority takes place and an appropriate dispensation requested if required.

Entertainments shall be in the form of playlets or similar. These should provide instruction, enlightenment, interest and amusement to the Brethren. Period costumes, visual effects, the use of objects, songs and audience participation is encouraged to provide additional interest.

Musical presentations may comprise the performance of music of Masonry, historical reconstructions with music or musically illustrated talks

The presentations should not be too long. It is anticipated that normally they will last a maximum of about 30 minutes. However, others might be of shorter duration allowing several linked items to be presented during the meeting by a number of members. This could encourage all members to be involved and committed to the working of the Lodge and allow those with limited time to contribute as required, thus fulfilling and enjoying their active participation


The research need not necessarily be academic. Some may be, but this is not a requirement as interesting topics often come from original thought.

Academic research should make use of primary sources — that is to say, it will involve the study of original texts to provide wholly original ideas and conclusions

In this Lodge, research using secondary sources is also quite acceptable. Secondary sources are typically books and articles published elsewhere which have themselves used primary sources

Talks and presentations based upon personal experience are also very welcome, which may include different workings, constitutions, temple layouts and procedures etc.

The objective of the Lodge is not primarily original research. This is the role of Lodges like Quatuor Coronati.

This Lodge exists to increase the knowledge of its members and other lodges when asked to carry out demonstrations and presentations. Standards should be high but not necessarily academic, with emphasis being placed on the answering of questions and the widening of Masonic knowledge.


Membership is restricted to Brethren who declare that they are interested in increasing their masonic knowledge and want to share that knowledge with other members of the Fraternity.

Members must be Master Masons and preferably also Members of the Holy Royal Arch so that the items of discussion are not restricted.

It is hoped that there will be various sections. As an example, one such section could relate to music and the research, development and presentation of items of musical interest. The section could also support other talks and demonstrations. Another section could include masonic memorabilia and antiquities. The possibilities are only limited by our imagination!

There is no ceremony for joining members. they will be proposed, seconded and elected in the usual manner and then welcomed by name by the Worshipful Master reminding them and outlining the aims of their Membership

To find out more about the Lodge of Daily Advancement and how to become a member, see the Join Us page.


There is no restriction upon visitors other than that they should be master masons. Where talks and presentations include a detailed reference to the Holy Royal Arch, visitors also have to be a member of that Order.

The Provincial Executive will be invited to attend as a matter of course.

Location and Timing:

The Lodge meets at the Chelmsford Masonic Hall on the first Tuesday in October (installation), February and May.

Rehearsals normally take place on the day of the Meeting prior to the Lodge opening.


Annual dues take into account those of Grand Lodge, Provincial Grand Lodge, the Masonic Charitable Foundation and the other expenses associated with running a private lodge.

There is also a requirement for the additional printing of musical scores, talks, demonstration and entertainment items, the cost of which will need to be taken from reserves or otherwise funded.

As a Lodge associated with demonstrations, there is likely to be a gradual collection of costumes, wigs and other props and this is managed as the necessity arises by the Secretary

The yearly dues will be kept to a minimum but will include the cost of the festive board.

Festive Board:

There is a Festive Board which is a joyous occasion and well attended.

The Master:

A worthy and Worshipful Brother has been selected to become the Primus Master.

Thereafter the Master is regularly elected and installed.


The Secretary takes care of the formal secretarial work of the Lodge whilst the Assistant Secretary assists with dining arrangements including booking in members, menus, meal costs etc.

The Demonstration and Research Teams are led by team leaders. They are responsible for ensuring that talks and demonstrations, etc. are in place for all meetings. They may wish to have a sub-committee to aid them in their task

The Lodge DC looks after the formal work of the Lodge. The ADC, assisted by the Stewards, looks after the talks, entertainments, demonstrations and musical presentations; also acting as stage managers should the Lodge activity dictate (e.g. movement of furniture, reading desks etc., prior to the activity taking place)

The Lodge Officers are appointed by the Master and it is highly likely that the Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer (Elected), DC and ADC will be asked to remain in Office for a number of years until the lodge is established.


The Lodge holds a Charity Collection at each Meeting but there is no raffle.

Members and members’ widows are assumed to be in the Care of their Mother Lodges.

The Lodge of Daily Advancement is available to provide speakers/orators and deliver presentations and demonstrators that will generate the collection of Alms throughout the Province. In this sense, lodges inviting the Lodge of Daily Advancement to perform will be invited to make a special charitable collection for the evening; the amount being the "applause" for services rendered.

Further Information about the Lodge of Daily Advancement and Our History:

To find out how we began, see our History page.

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